Weekend Wrap-Up

Why hello again!

Okay, okay . . . so, I didn’t post at all yesterday, but I promise I have an excuse: I went and had a full, fun-filled day in Columbus with Madre! It really was an excellent day- and certainly needed. Madre has been busy with my Gma and Gpa (her parents) for quite some time now, and I cannot honestly remember the last time the two of us got to spend some quality time together. Have I mentioned that she is one of my best friends? Well, she is. She gets my craziness. Smile  I mean, who else would take something like 15 pictures to get a shot of me jumping in the air in the heart of The Strip district in Pittsburgh? Only Madre!

Failed jump

Success Jump

But anyway, yesterday was a blast. We went to Penzey’s to load up on spices, and then Whole Foods. I am a kid in a candy store in that place . . . so much to see. I think all of the appetizing aromas and fresh, organic goodies awakened our hunger, though. By the time we were ready to leave both my stomach and Madre’s were growling!

So, we headed to Potbelly’s. Tell me, honestly now: who cannot possibly like Potbelly’s?! The toasty, crisp subs? Fresh toppings? Those humungous pickles?!! Too good!  Both Madre and I opted for salads this trip. (Sorry, I still have to get into the habit of snapping photos of my food! My apologies!) I highly recommend their Farmhouse salad . . . chicken, egg, blue cheese (not on mine though- this girl is not a big cheese eater), bacon. It’s got it all and more. I really could have gone for a soda to round out the meal, but I gave it up for Lent!

After our tummy’s were satisfied, we headed over to Polaris to make some returns and walk around the mall. Of course we ended up leaving with more than we had anticipated . . . but it was well worth it.

Our second to last stop included Target- another return, and an attempt to find a new pair of jeans for me. Let’s just say it didn’t end pretty. I might have chucked a pair of blue denims at the dressing room door. . . oh the joys of jean shopping, eh? (It’s right up there with swim suit shopping . . .dread, dread, dread) Oh well! I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow.

After Target it was dinner time, and Madre took me to one of my all-time favorite place: Pei Wei!

I think I ate at Pei Wei at least once every other week or so in college. It’s saucy and spicy and oh so delicious. Plus, you get a lucky nugget of fortune/wisdom at the end of each meal. Can’t beat that with a stick! I had a hard time choosing between two of my all-time favorite dishes: Ginger Broccoli with chicken and brown rice or Dan Dan Noodles. Decisions! Decisions!

I finally decided on the Ginger Broccoli, while Madre braved it and tried their new dish: Thai Basil Chicken. We both ended up almost cleaning our plates and also enjoyed our fortunes. Mine were both ironically fitting:

fortune 1

“Baby Steps” anyone????

fortune 2

Yes, it sure does!

Well, that about wraps up my Saturday! (Once Madre and I got home we vegged the rest of the night!)

Today has been filled with a little bit of fun (church and a run), and a little bit of work (baking).

But now I am off to make myself dinner! Have a fantastic Sunday night!

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