Miles and Sunshine!

Well, today certainly has not been your typical March Ohio day. It was in the 70’s, and the sun was shining, shining, shining! This girl could not have been happier!

Even though I had quite a few things to get done, it was impossible not to be in a good mood. It’s those bright rays, people. If you’re not from Ohio, let me tell you that we Midwesterners relish in these days. They are few and far between.

(Side note: When I lived in AZ, people told me that I would get used to the constant sunshine. Yeah, no way! I appreciated each and every day of sparkling brilliance! But what I find funny is that my uncle, who lives in AZ year-round, lives for overcast days. Their cloudy days are as sparse as our sunny, so I guess it’s all relative, eh?)

To fuel my busy day, I made my go-to breakfast: pumpkin oat bran and egg whites (not pictured).

Pumpkin Oat Bran

Okay okay, so it doesn’t look too appetizing. . . but I promise that it is quite tasty! Just give it a try! If you don’t like it, then you never have to eat again. Deal?

After breakfast, I set out to conquer a multitude of little annoying to do’s. Plus, I wanted to get a few more of my online Microsoft Office lessons out of the way.

However, despite my busy morning, I did make time to squeeze in a run! I just couldn’t let this amazing day get away from me without spending some time outside, and it felt really good to breathe the warm, fresh air. I am also beginning to really love the time and space running gives me to just think and listen to some good tunes.

To make the day even better: my knee did not hurt at all during or after my run! To fill you in, I just started running in November. Seriously, I mean just started.I think the only time I had gone on a run before was in gym class in Jr. High- and that was UNwillingly. I had always hated to run growing up. However, for some reason I got it into my head this fall that I wanted to do a half-marathon. So, I started running on the treadmill at the gym. But after 3 weeks I was having major pain on the outside of my right knee. I tried rolling it out, thinking that maybe it was just a tight IT band, but it wasn’t getting any better. It especially hurt to go up and down stairs. I ended up going to see the doctor, but she sent me to physical therapy. No offense to the physical therapists, but I don’t think they really knew what was up, and after a month of therapy, it still was hurting. So I just decided to rest for a while.

After almost 2 months of not running, I went for a short run around my neighborhood on the first semi-sunny and warm day of February. I ran a little over a mile with no pain! Yes! Winning : Winking smile I have only ran twice since then (with today being one), and have not had pain. I’m still not quite sure what’s wrong with my knee, but I think I am going to avoid treadmills from here on out! I’m completely fine with that, though. Running outside provides a much better view.

But anyway, I did end up taking a different route today. I don’t own a Garmin or anything, but my last 2 runs have been just a little over 2 miles I believe. However, today’s run felt longer- but in a good way. I really wanted to see how far I had gone! So, I did a little research via Google, and I came across this little baby of a website: MapMyRun.

You simply register, type in your location, plot out your route, and POOF! Mileage calculated! That’s what I’m talking about!

I really surprised myself too! I ran about 4.7 miles!!! That’s the most I’ve ever ran! I know this is just a warm up for experienced runners, but I am new at this, so I’m pumped!

Well, I am off to accomplish a few more things before I make the family some dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your day!

Questions of the day:

What are some of your favorite activities to do when Spring rolls in?

How have you surprised yourself in the past?

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