Proactive Procrastination

Happy Friday!

So, I sat down at my computer this morning to work on my class .  . . but after procrastinating for far too long, I have just accepted that I will not be productive this morning. Instead, I thought I would fill you- whoever you all are- on my last few days!

So here it goes:

Wednesday was a great day because it was my FIRST DAY working as part of the event staff for a catering company in the area! And guess what? I loved it!

Ok, I didn’t do much- it was a small buffet lunch for a small chemical/technical company, but it was a great way to dip my feet into the pool and get a feel for the work. Since it was a small-ish (75 people) lunch, it was only me and one of the head catering directors working the event. And what did we do, you may ask? (Even if you didn’t ask, I am going to tell you anyway). Well, it was a hot buffet lunch at the local convention center. Therefore, I :

  1. helped gather up the food and supplies
  2. loaded everything into the catering van
  3. drove with Larry (one of the head catering directors I mentioned earlier)
  4. unloaded the food and set-up the buffet
  5. waited FOREVER for the company to finish up a PowerPoint presentation (all the while smelling the marvelous, mouthwatering food!)
  6. stood awkwardly behind the buffet table while workers loaded their plates . . . yeah, I was a bit of a food creeper (We were there to oversee and answer questions, but since I am still learning about the food, Larry did all of the answering!)
  7. cleaned up and stored the leftovers
  8. loaded the van back up
  9. drove back to the café and unloaded

And that’s all folks! Smile It was all through in about 2.5 hours! Speedy! Speedy! I did stay a little longer to help set up a banquet room, though. So, I was able to clock in about 3.5 hours.

I also got a little refresher course in dining etiquette. I was instructed to put the napkin under the spoon and knife . . . but this looks pretty similar to the set up I helped assemble!



I didn’t know there was a difference in wine glasses?! Hmmm . . . learn something new everyday, eh?

Well, after work, I headed to the gym for a quick workout. Since my quads were screaming from Tuesday’s Killer Quad Workout, I did my best to loosen those babies up with a brisk elliptical action. Haha . . . no such luck . . .

The rest of my day was spent making protein bars and vegging like no other. Can we say ICE CREAM????? (Hey! I had to celebrate my first successful da of legit employment!)

My personal fav:

Ice cream


Yesterday ended up being pretty busy too . . . well in a way.

One of Lori’s friends was having surgery in Toledo, and the hospital has a policy stating that an emergency person must be present at the time of the surgery. Since her husband is in Afghanistan, and since Lori had to work, I offered to go and wait at the hospital and be her in case of emergency person. However, she also had her kids that day, so I did double duty! 

So, I got to Toledo at 11:15am and waited until she was done at 6:45pm!!! I can’t say I was physically tired come the end of the day, but sitting and keeping the kids occupied was pretty draining. I was so happy to do it, though! Her kids were darling, and it just feels so good to be able to lend a hand. I mean, I just hope that if I was ever in that situation, someone would be kind enough to do the same, you know?

Well, it’s getting late. I’m off to meet Lori! Have a great Friday!

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