Howdy! Well, it’s been a few days, eh? What can I say . . . places to go and people to see. Haha . . . not quite. If only my life were that exciting!

However, I must not discount my Friday. Friday was actually a bit more on the exciting side! I met up with a new friend in Columbus, and I proceeded to play my first game of Frisbee golf. Yes, Frisbee golf. And you know what? Frisbee golfers don’t mess around. I kid you not. I mean, there is actually people who do this professionally! AND there is an actual league! Check it out if you don’t believe me:

And guess what else?! It is NOT easy! Especially if there is wind, like there was on Friday. . . Of Course! I mean, why wouldn’t there be? When I am trying to learn and all . .. But anyways, not only are there specific throwing forms/techniques (like the tomahawk), but you also use special discs that correspond to golf club types (like a putter). Yes, that’s right, these are not your run of the mill Frisbees, mind you. Save those for Fido. And the “hole,” well you’re aiming for one of these babies:

Frisbee Golf


Sexy! Haha. I couldn’t help thinking that if Ellie saw this she would run away scared. It’s tall-ish (compared to her), and a bit wonky looking. I don’t know though . . . maybe she would want to sit in it because the basket could serve as a lap.

Ellie loves laps

After a few more stops around Columbus, we headed to the Hubbard Grill in the Short North district for dinner. Let me just say that first of all, I LOVE the Short North! The energy in the area is always revved up, and the art and culture of all the boutiques and cafes lining the street is incredible. The North Market is there, Jeni’s Ice Cream, and the best part: the Gallery Hop held the first Saturday of every month! I have never been, but I am hoping to go sometime this summer.

Back to dinner though . . . in one word: FANTASTIC! I had the “Carolina Style” Turkey Sandwich. I absolutely loved the tender, juicy pulled turkey. However, it was the addition of the tangy coleslaw that made the sandwich. And the fries?! Oh my oh my. So crispy and delicious. I have a major weakness for fries. Seriously. I think I go weak in the knees. You know, just a little.  Winking smile

Well, due to the fact that I worked my first wedding reception AND that weekends always seem to go by too fast, the last few days seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye. BUT there were a few casualties: my feet. Those puppies are still tired from running around on Saturday night- I don’t think I stopped moving for 5 hours!

BUT a big-ish thing has occurred in the past 36 hours!

I got a call from UPMC, and I have an interview. This Monday! A real, honest to goodness interview!

I am already sweating. Oh yes, the perspiration has most definitely begun. I really hope I don’t look like this on Monday:



I just might though. . . Oh! And the anticipation. Did I mention I am horrible at interviews?! I say “Um” too much. And sometimes I get caught and stumble over my words. Yes, I am THAT girl. 

Maybe it won’t be so bad though, eh? I will just try my best and be myself. And that is really all I can do. What will be will be!

Well, I hate to cut this post short, but this girl must go make some protein bars! Have a good night!

Question of the day:

  • Do you have any interview horror stories? Care to share?

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