To Fill You In . . .

Wow . . . it’s been awhile. As in, it’s been 2 whole months since my last blog post. It feels like even longer though, considering all that has happened. . . Even as I write this, it is difficult me to process all the little events- some high and some low- that have made up the last 60 or so days.

So, where shall I begin?

Well, I should probably start off with the best thing that has happened:

 Remember that “friend” who took me Frisbee golfing? The one I mentioned in my last post? Well, that person is Justin, and that was our second date! (I apologize for not saying anything initially, but it was still too new). And guess what . . . we are still dating . . . and he is my honest-to-goodness boyfriend! 😉 I can’t believe I have found someone else to put up with my craziness. That’s the true test too: he still loves me despite my weird quirks, silly voices, constant movie impressions, and OCD tendencies.

Justin and I have had a blast getting to know each other these last few months. (I think I can honestly speak for him in this instance, eh? I mean, if he was having a horrible time, I don’t think he would have kept me around!) I have had so much fun sharing my interests with him, but I think I’ve had even more fun getting to know his. From going to concerts, watching movies, being active, attending local events, and simply just being us, we have shared a wonderful few months together. Oh, but we can’t forget about the food. There has been lots and LOTS of GOOD FOOD! 🙂 Okay, okay . . . I will tell you more about my main man later. But before I move on to my next happening, I will leave you with this:

Look at that sexy man!

Okay, now for the next bit of big news. So, remember from my last post how I had an interview with UPMC in Pittsburgh? Well, I went . . .  I interviewed . . . I got a call a week later for a second interview! Yes, little ol’ me got a call back for a second interview! With more higher-ups in the company! I went back a week later- yes, all the way back to Pittsburgh- and went through another nerve-wracking hour+ interview. Coming out of it, I was not as confident as I was after the first. One woman even asked me why they should choose to hire someone so inexperienced (OUCH!). Yet, the following Friday I received a call from HR, and they offered me the position! (Oh, by the way, it was for a Communications Specialist position).

I was actually at the gym when the HR woman called, and I think my heart practically stopped while I was on the elliptical machine. It must have been an odd picture: sweaty me kneeling on the machine trying to control my excitement. Hmmmm . . . no wonder other YMCA folks were giving me odd, double take glance/stares. Haha! But I was THAT ecstatic. I immediately called Justin. He was truly happy for me, for which I cannot be more grateful, but I could definitely hear the mix of disappointment and concern in his voice. This job would mean lonnnggg distance relationship. :/ Despite this fact, I knew we could make it work. Yes, I am really that in to him 😉 No distance could keep me from this guy!

Anyway, so I had pretty much made up my mind that I was going to accept the offer. That is until I saw the paperwork. . .  Now, I don’t think of myself as greedy by any means, but when I saw their offer my heart sank to my core. I loved the sound of the job, but I had to face reality. The cost of living in Pittsburgh is considerably higher than where I am now. Along with having to pay more to rent in the city, I had to consider food, transportation, amenities, etc. in my budget. Plus, I would have to cover my moving expenses. By the time I sat down and tallied my monthly budget, I would have had nearly no wiggle room to have fun or cover unexpected emergencies. More so, I would be struggling to save anything. Basically, I would be working to live and living to work, AND I would be 3 1/2 hours away from Justin and my family.

I thought about it all weekend. I mean constant contemplation . . . it encompassed every inch of me and absorbed all my thoughts. Have I told you that I am a chronic worrier? Well, I am. To the max. In just one weekend my face broke out like a pubescent high school girl’s, and my back became so tight and knotted that it felt like it was covered in a layer of marbles. Anyway, I kept going over every angle and possibility. My parents tried to be supportive, but they were at a loss of what to do as well. I mean, they loved the idea of such a great opportunity for me, but they were more than concerned about the financial situation it would cause. Finally, I sat down with Justin, and we came up with a counter offer. Again, I cannot express how supportive he was through all of this. I don’t know where I would be, or what I would have done without his advice.

So, on Monday I made my first-ever counter offer. (I am singing that pampers diaper commercial, but instead of saying “kid,” I’m inserting “girl.” Wow. . . told you I’m weird).


Anyway, I did not get a reply until Wednesday, and they really did not budge on their initial offer very much. 😦 I was absolutely crushed. I continued to worry and fret over it for the night . . . but finally came to my decision before I went to bed.

I just couldn’t take the job.

Although the position sounded perfect for me, I just had too many doubts. There were actually way more cons than pros when looking at it logically. (Yes, I might have made a +/- list . . . ) Plus, the whole dilemma was making me so unhappy, and that would not have improved significantly by moving away to an unfamiliar city– far away from my friends, my family, and especially Justin. I would have been miserable being so far from him.

I can’t say I really regret my decision. I mean, how can you regret choosing love???!!! However, it does cross my mind occasionally . . . that I could be working in Pittsburgh right now, typing away in some cubicle, 50 some floors up in the U.S. Steel Building. But then I think of what I have right now: an unbelievable boyfriend, a loving family, a cute dog, and amazing friends. I know I’ve made the right choice. It can’t be my only opportunity at starting a career, eh? God must have something else in store for me.

So, for now I am back to pounding the pavement. Oh, and of course whipping up some delicious eats. Despite the whirlwind of activity, I have not stopped my foodie love. It will never die my friend.

Alright, this post was longer than I had intended. More recipes, photos, and re-hashing to come soon! Don’t worry, I will not leave you hanging too long this time. 😉

Question of the day?

1. When faced with a major decision, do you go with your gut or logic?

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