I’m Back!

Honey! I’m home! 🙂

So remember when I said I would not leave you hanging again? Well, my bad. I did. I am ever so very sorry though. Can you forgive me? Pretty please? With a cherry on top . . . and hot fudge and peanut butter sauce? 😉 If you will, I will share some super yummy recipes with you! What am I saying, I am going to share them either way. They are just too scrumdidilyumptious!

So why have I been so MIA? Unfortunately, quite a bit has gone down over the last few months. The bad mixed with the good; however, I would rather not dwell on the bad. So, here is to a new breath of fresh air, a new month, new recipes and new shenanigans.

However, to give you a Cliff’s Notes version of the major events in my average-ish life since June . . .

  • My childhood best friend got married on July 7th in Rhode Island!

Tori met when we were both just tiny little bumpkins. Joined by our mothers’ friendship, Tori and I grew up side by side. From brownies and attending preschool, to playing with Baby Feel so Real and Pretty Pretty Princess, Tori and I did everything together. And man oh man could we put away the Mac and Cheese. Our mothers could not keep that stuff in the house. Play dates always included at least two boxes! I thank you Kraft for contributing to our wonderful memories. (Quick question: Did anyone else ever eat you mac and cheese by putting a noodle on each on the tines of your fork? I don’t know why I found that so pleasurable as a child . . . Haha!)

Anyway, isn’t she a gorgeous bride? The wedding was absolutely beautiful! The ceremony took place in a small, historic church in Little Compton. (It was built in the 1700s!) However, the reception was held at the Naval Base in Newport AND we got to stay at the Naval lodge. Fun stuff right there!

Madre and I welcoming the Bride and Groom with bubbles! We actually had a contest to see who could empty her bottle first.

Oh! And on our drive over to Rhode Island, guess where we stopped?

Mystic, Connecticut!

Mmmmmmm Mystic Pizza! Please tell me you have seen that movie. It is one of my favorites. A Julia Roberts great!

  • I went to visit my best college pal in Seattle!

Yes. We are goobers. We tried Piroshkys in downtown Seattle. They were meh. I think they had been sitting out for a few hours by the time we took a bite of their cinnamony goodness.

Briley and I were BFFs throughout college and roommates our senior year at the University of Arizona. Like Madre, she gets my weirdness. We are one of a kind. Crazy dancers all the way.

So while I was in Seattle, Briley introduced me to the Space Needle, took me on an Argosy boat tour of the harbor AND:

Pike’s Place Market

The Gum Wall

Briley’s family also owns a condo on Cannon Beach in Oregon. So of course we made the trip and spent a few days relaxin’ and goofing off!

Sorry for the terrible picture, but did I mention we are goofballs? We had fun in the Hat Store.

Does this look familiar to anyone?

That odd looking rock to the right is Haystack rock, and this famous movie was filmed here! (Never say die!)

  • Finally, my close friend, Katie, asked me to be her bridesmaid the other day!

Katie is what you call a true friend. She has been there for me through thick and thin since she moved to Ohio in fourth grade. So I cannot even begin to express how honored I am to be able to share in her special day. Her fiance is one lucky guy!

So, what’s next on the horizon? Well, job hunting for sure . . .  PLUS many new recipes! I have so many tucked away to try. Stay tuned for some sugary goodness soon. I have several to share!

Now for some Olympics!

Questions of the day:

  • What is your favorite tourist attraction in the US?
  • Have you been to any famous filming locations?

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