Rejoicing in the Spirit

As you may have guessed, my blogging absence is the result of some very sad news: my grandpa passed away last Saturday, August 18, 2012.

Although these last few days have been filled with sorrow, they have also been filled with cherished moments spent with family. They have been filled joyful stories of my grandpa. Old pictures of times ago. Good food. Strong hugs. And bittersweet goodbyes.

Most importantly, they have been filled with reflections and prayers of my Grandpa Bud. He is finally in a better place, and we are left with the beautiful and undying memories of him. The real him: the strong, stoic, and loving man that he was. As the pastor said during his service, it is in this that we rejoice. He is no longer here on this earth in the flesh, but his spirit is still in our hearts.

I will always be reminded of my Gpa whenever I am outdoors. He truly was a man of nature. In fact, he was so much so that Madre, Gma, and I chose this excerpt to include in his card:

That is my grandpa personified through words.

It is truly amazing how memories flood your mind at moments like these. I suppose it is all part of mourning. As I posted on Facebook the day of his passing, I am struck with images of so many little moments: I was always tickled pink whenever he jellied up my toast or rolls. He always smeared on a dollop of jelly that was larger than the bread itself. He was also one of the men who introduced me to the tasty, sauce-explosion goodness of ribs. Always keeping a bottle of Planter’s roasted peanuts by his easy chair, he would pour some in the cap for me to munch on while we watched TV. And he never, ever missed a dance recital.

Ever since I can remember, he has been my strong and reserved Grandpa.

A protector whenever needed.

And a comforting presence that never failed to make my constantly-anxious self at ease.

He really was the greatest grandpa- better than I could have aver asked for. I am so very lucky I had the opportunity to spend as much time with him as I did. I will never forget our years together.

This is a rose from the beautiful arrangement at my grandpa’s service. I plan on pressing and framing it with the Indian Prayer as a special memento that I can keep with me always.

So here’s to you Grandpa Bud! I love you so much!

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