A Busy Bee as of Late

I’m beat. That’s all I can say. This week has been jam-packed for me!

I really can’t complain though. Most of my summer has been on the boring and uneventful side. I suppose life has just decided to make up for some lost time, eh?

I had planned on squeezing in a quick post yesterday, but time quickly got away from me. I actually don’t think I sat down until about 8pm yesterday . . . and that was to eat dinner with some beautiful gals.

Anyway, shall I fill you in a little?

Well, I started off my Wednesday with a bang and hit the pavement for morning run. Yes, it’s been awhile, but I decided I needed to officially get my butt in gear and start conditioning for that half marathon in December. I will give myself a small pat on the back, though. Well, let’s call it a brief tap, because I surprised myself a bit with logging in a good 4 miles. Granted, they were a s-l-o-w 4 miles, but I was running! How does that saying go . . . something about no matter how far or fast you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch. I like that philosophy. 🙂

Ah! Here we go.

Speaking of inspirational poster type images. I saw this one the other day and thought it would be good to share.

After a quick breakfast of oatmeal (made with almond milk and banana, of course), I headed off to work.

Now, I had no clue what event I was working when my manager asked me to work. I just knew I had to be at the cafe at 10am. So I figured, 10am? . . .  probably a casual business lunch onsite. Well, guess what? Not the case. I was working a Plated! (not buffet, but assembled plates that you need to serve to all guests in as little amount of time possible) lunch at a historic theatre in town. Holy Guacamole! Oh, and to add to that: there were no cooks in that day. The owner was doing everything himself! I did help him slice some chicken breasts for the salad after I arrived. I felt so honored . . . just kidding!

Oh, but look what I discovered in the kitchen.


I did learn another new factoid while I was working: historic theatres do not often have ramps. Thus, I was the designated lifter among the group and had to help my boss carry huge, 7ft. hot boxes up and down grated steps. (Along with the many other quite cumbersome catering equipment). I was sweating by the time we had everything unloaded. However, the plus side: I didn’t need to go lift at the Y afterwards.

Thankfully, the event did not turn out as bad as I first imagined. In fact, it was pretty enjoyable after the rush to serve the guests was over. We quickly solved all the little road bumps that came up, and the guests seemed to really enjoy the food. Gotta love those events.

My day didn’t slow down after work, though. However, this was a good thing: I joined two of my other friends/fellow bridesmaids at Katie’s parents’ house for a bridesmaids dress fitting and dinner soiree. With chicken taco salad and margaritas highlighting the night, you know we had a good time. And the dresses? Beautiful! I think they will look great on any body type and are super comfortable. Perfect for my dancing pleasure! 😉 Good pick, Katie.

If you are looking for a dress,ModCloth is where it’s at. Check ’em out!

Okay, now to today’s events.

Well, this morning was an early one. I had a pre-surgery appointment at an out-of-town hospital. Don’t worry. It’s nothing major. I am just having a cyst removed on my left wrist . . . I apologize, that sounds disgusting. At least I didn’t mention an even nastier word. Like goiter. I hate that word. yuuughhhhhhh. Gross. Anyway, I’ve had it for 7+ years now, and it’s time for it to go. So that will be happening on the 13th of next month. (Oooo, I’m glad it’s not a Friday!) I will have to wear a splint for about two weeks though. That will be interesting. I am sure I will be sharing some funny bloopers with y’all involving that thing. I think it might take my klutz factor to the next level . . . not to mention trying to cater events with it. Hmmmm . . . we shall see.

Thankfully, I was able to squeeze in a trip to the gym after my appointment. I completed a 40 minute session on the elliptical machine before heading over to the weights to conquer Day 22 of the LiveFIt program.

Again, I do like this program and love that it gives me direction, but I am starting to get a little bored with the repetition. I really need to get on my fitness research. I will put that on my to-do list Now!

The rest of my afternoon was spent with my Gma. I feel bad that she has been stuck inside the house this week- usually I have tons and tons of free time. I did get her out and about a little, though. First, we ate at good ol’ Arby’s since she loves their reubens. I tried their roasted turkey salad and didn’t think it was too bad. (I know, I keep forgetting to snap pics). Then we headed over to T.J. Maxx to browse a bit before stopping by Primrose (a retirement-type community) to sign her lease! Yes, Gma is moving closer to us. I think it will be a great change for all of us. Primrose looks like it is an exceptional place to live, and it will be so much more comforting to have her (Gma) close by.

I hope to fit in some baking yet tonight, but I still have to make dinner yet! Phew. Ultimately, this girl hopes to relax a little bit AND hit the hay early. I don’t know if it will happen, but it’s my goal.

Until tomorrow!

Questions for the day:

  • What’s your favorite inspirational quote/philosophy?
  • Do you have any words that gross you out or just can’t stand?

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