One-Handed Adaptation

I have a new found appreciation for being able to use both of my hands.

I really, really do.

Remember yesterday how I said that I was typing one handed?

Well, that was because I took a little trip to the hospital in the morning, and I said goodbye to this:


That little bump has been with me for seven some years. However, after a brief period of time where it caused me some pain, I decided it was time for the two of us to part ways. So off to surgery I went!

Don’t I just look dapper?


What can I say? It was an early morning filled with lots of waiting.

The surgery itself went smoothly . . . at least as far as I can remember. I was under some anesthesia mind you. However, it turned out that my little bump wasn’t a cyst like everyone, even my doctor, thought. It was something called a “giant cell tumor.” Sounds gross, doesn’t it? No worries, though. It is most likely benign. Still, tumor . . . the word in and of itself gives me the creepy crawlies. Yikes!

Another bright side of the surgery: I don’t have to wear a splint. Originally I was told that I would have to sport a cumbersome splint for about two weeks, but when I came out of surgery my doctor said he thinks I will be okay without one. I still have to keep it well-bandaged though, and clean and dry.

I think I will be sporting some swelling for awhile too. (Warning: graphic images below!)


Have you see my left knuckles? They seem to have gone missing . . . It kind of looks like a fake hand. Or a dead one . . . maybe I should paint each of the nails a different color and go around telling people that I had the Ice Truck Killer’s first victim’s hand surgically implanted onto my wrist. (Dexter, anyone? Dexter? Sorry, it’s on the brain.)

I have been slowly adapting to my one-handed lifestyle today, especially since I am on my own this weekend. Let me just throw this one out there: have you ever tried putting deodorant on with only one hand? It’s harder than it seems, my friends. Harder than it seems.

I did make it to the gym this morning, despite my gimp-ness. I just had to DO something.


After asking an old man to tie my shoes (he seemed oddly surprised and scared when I asked . . . I don’t know why), I did an easy 20 minutes on the elliptical. My hand/wrist held up alright through the warm-up, although it did get kind of hot and tingly, so I decided to complete this workout I saw on pbfingers.


I wasn’t expecting this workout to be particularly challenging, but WOW was I wrong! I don’t know if it was the surgery/time off from vacation OR because this type of movement is out of my normal routine, but I was sweating and feeling the burn with this one. That incline kicked my booty! I had to even decrease my speed to 3.8 by the second incline.

I will definitely be incorporating more walking incline workouts into my weekly regimen, especially as I begin to plan my half marathon training!

Speaking of feeling the burn, my right hand is getting a little tired from all this typing. Haha, just kidding . . . well, kind of. How about you try typing a “)” or capital “P” with one hand. Streeetttchhhh!

Here’s to a great Friday evening!

Questions of the day:

  • Have you ever faced a time where you were physically challenged? What did you glean from the experience?

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