Hey there!

Welcome to Going Through the Big D! My name is Dallas, and I am just your average twenty-something girl from the Midwest.

So, your first question is probably something along the lines of how I chose the name of my blog. Well, the origins of my nickname “Big D” go back to my high school days. Freshman year to be exact. My history teacher constantly teased me for a variety of reasons, mostly having to deal with the fact that I had two growth spurts that year and was thus a walking bean pole . . . but anyway, one day he started singing, “I’m going through the Big D, and I don’t mean Dallas . . . ” (I guess it is from an old country song, but I had never heard it before). And from there it was history. Like glue, the name just stuck. So there you have it: Big D.

So what is “Going Through the Big D” you say? Well, I’m not quite sure yet. It’s an outlet. A narrative. A way to chronicle my experiences . . . both mundane and eccentric. I am an artist at heart: a dancer, writer, baker and novice cook. And I am on the expedition of a lifetime: the ever-so-intimidating job hunt.

So here I go. Armed with my resume, dancing shoes and spatula. Life is unexpected, but I am willing to go where it takes me.

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